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Lotus Allure Stove 1000

A Lotus stove guarantees you cosiness and first-class quality

With a wood burning stove from Lotus, you are sure to get a long-lasting solution, first-class quality and design, and ultimate cosiness - because we are passionate about creating quality products just for these very reasons.

Since the dawn of time, man has been fascinated by fire. Fire has ensured our survival, protected us, enriched us and brought us together for thousands of years. At Lotus, we are of course fascinated by fire as a force of nature, as a source of heat, and as a spreader of cosiness. When cosiness flows from the stove, the family will find a natural gathering point.

When creating and developing stoves, we always focus on three things that need to form a synthesis: combustion, durability and design. A wood-burning stove from Lotus must therefore have the best possible combustion, it must be durable, and the design must be both functional, perfectly shaped, and timeless. We ensure this by creating stoves that contain the latest combustion technology. We use the best and strongest materials, and our designers focus on creating functional, unique and timeless designs. Focusing on these three things ensure beautiful pieces of furniture that create cosiness and at the same time reduce your heating bill for the benefit of our environment.

Lotus stoves show consideration for our nature and are CO2 neutral. When you choose a Lotus stove, you get both an elegant stove that will last for many years, a low consumption of firewood and a cleaner combustion due to our efficient combustion technology. All our stoves are tested at recognised test institutes, before they are launched on the market. This guarantees you a product that meets the strictest environmental requirements.

All our stoves are convection stoves, which means that you get a fast and even distribution of the heat out to the entire room. Cold air is drawn in at the bottom of the stove and sent out as hot air at the top of the stove, after which the hot air will circulate throughout the room. In a radiant stove, the heat is concentrated around the stove, and therefore the heat will be very intense close to the stove.
With a convection wood burnin stove you get better utilisation of your firewood and comfortable heat dissipation throughout the entire room.


Heat Storage

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Heat storage stoves of solid quality and timeless design

A heat storage stove from Lotus offers extraordinary heat storage capabilities, while at the same time you are getting a unique piece of furniture lined with natural stones.

If you are looking for a wood burning stove that is able release heat for several hours, then a heat storage stove is the perfect choice. With a heat storage stove, you get a wood-burning stove that creates a comfortable indoor climate, as it emits a comfortable and even temperature for several hours, even after the fire has gone out. At the same time, you can cut down on your consumption of firewood.

When producing stoves, we always focus on three parameters: combustion, durability and design. This is, of course, also the case with our heat storage stoves. A heat storage wood burning stove from Lotus stoves is always very heavy, which is partly due to the solid quality materials in which the stove itself is made, but also in particular the large amount of stone covering our heat storage stoves. As a rule of thumb, it can be said that the higher the weight of a heat storage stove, the more heat it can store and subsequently release.

We offer different types of stones for our heat storage stoves, namely Soapstone, Indian Night Stone, Limestone, or Sandstone. Each type of stone has its own advantages, but a common feature is that they are all-natural stones, and each stone is therefore unique by nature. This gives a beautiful variation in the structure and surface of the stone, and thus each heat storage stove obtains its own unique expression.

The stone cladding not only features a beautiful structure and surface, it also acts as a “battery” of heat that is charged when the stove is in use and discharged when the fire has gone out.
The high weight of the different types of stone and the stove's very special construction ideally combine the heat storage stove's ability to store and slowly dissipate the heat with the stove's calm and controlled combustion, where the heat is distributed quickly. See below for lotus wood burning stoves prices

Fireplace Inserts

Lotus Stove Living Cube

Streamlined and Timeless Fireplace Inserts

A fireplace wood burning stove insert from Lotus is the optimal solution for new buildings or for updating your old fireplace.

A fireplace insert is a beautiful addition to the home, simple to operate and environmentally friendly in use. A Lotus fireplace insert is the perfect solution for your décor and can be integrated directly into the wall or into an open fireplace. The insert quickly becomes a natural gathering point in your home, spreading cosiness in every corner of the house. You also have the choice of a “tunnel fireplace”, which can be installed between two rooms, giving warmth and a view of the fire in both rooms. Only creativity is the limit when it comes to integrating a Lotus fireplace into your home.
Lotus fireplace inserts are simple to operate, beautiful to look at and environmentally friendly to use. We prioritise quality, aesthetics and functionality - both in our design philosophy and choice of materials.

All our fireplace inserts are produced based on the motto that a fireplace insert must fulfil three things: it must have the best possible combustion, it must be durable and the design must be both functional, perfectly shaped and timeless. We do this by incorporating the latest combustion chamber technology, using the best and strongest materials and ensuring our designers focus on creating a functional, unique and timeless design.

We are “turned on” by sustainable Danish design, combining form, function and CO2-neutral combustion. All our fireplace inserts are tested at recognised test institutes before they are launched. This guarantees you a product that meets the strictest environmental requirements.


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- Our way of thinking wood burning stoves

You know it. You know when you are facing a quality product and when you are not. Quality has its own language, its own expression. You can see it. You can feel it. You can hear it.

Lotus Stoves aim is to give you this experience the first time you see their wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts. And aim for more than that. They want you to pay attention to the flames, the clean combustion, the thickness of the glass, the sound of the door opening and closing, and the well-thought-out design.

When we think of stoves, we first of all think of quality - in all dimensions. Their stoves provide the best possible combustion and ensure the lowest possible CO2 emissions.
They must be durable and solid, and their design must be functional and elegant.

With this in mind, Lotus Stoves have been developing and producing wood-burning stoves for more than 40 years. And that is why their stoves heat up thousands of homes in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, and the UK.

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