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    Stoves and Co. Ltd. is a family run business based in Bangor, Co. Down and we are passionate about providing homeowners with an alternative to the ever-increasing cost of fossil fuels. Todays stoves use fuel much more efficiently than open fires, fuel goes further and heating costs are reduced. We stock only quality wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves, and chimneysfrom reliable manufacturers in Scandinavia, France, Britain and Ireland from contemporary to traditional styles. We offer a full sales and installation service. A stove can be the centrepiece of your home and its dancing flames will warm your heart as well as your home.

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    Stoves & Co (NI) Ltd. have been in business for 10 years. Throughout that time we continue to build a reputation as a quality provider of wood and multi-fuel burning stoves with guaranteed workmanship and supplied products.

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